Rehab FAQ's

How can my pet become a patient of the VMC Physical Rehabilitation service?

Your family veterinarian must refer your pet to our Physical Rehabilitation service. It is very important that we are able to review your pet’s complete medical history, and that your family veterinarian is able to inform us of any potential complications. If your pet is already under the care of one of our other services, we will assist you in obtaining the necessary referral.

Can my pet receive post-surgical Physical Rehabilitation at VMC if the surgery was not performed there?
Yes.  Your family veterinarian and/or the veterinarian who performed the surgery can refer your pet to our Physical Rehabilitation service.

When should post-surgical rehabilitation start?
The first stage of post-surgical physical rehabilitation begins immediately after surgery and consists of Cryotherapy (icing of the inflamed areas). Over the course of the next 1- 2 days, passive range of motion exercises are added. These exercises should be continued by the pet owner once the pet is home. Other modalities, including electrical stimulation and massage therapies, may be indicated during this time.

Hydrotherapy (underwater treadmill) is begun after the surgical sutures or staples are removed. Other modalities are also added, varying with the type of surgery or injury.