Physical Rehab


Physical Rehabilitation for Pets?
Human physicians have understood the benefits physical therapy holds for their patients for many years. Physicians have prescribed physical therapy for their patients recovering from surgery, suffering from injury, suffering from chronic or debilitating diseases such as arthritis, and for other issues. Rehabilitation of veterinary patients is equally beneficial, and many of the same therapies are used for both human and animal patients.  The VMC of CNY is proud to be at the forefront of veterinary physical rehabilitation in the Central New York region.
What are the benefits to my pet?
The goal of Physical Rehabilitation is to minimize the amount of time your pet feels less than “100%.” Physical rehabilitation can:
  • Significantly speed recovery time after injury, illness, or surgery 
  • Significantly enhance your pet’s own natural pain-fighting mechanisms 
  • Lessen the amount of time your pet feels “abnormal.” Pets can experience psychological distress and exhibit behavioral changes after an injury, surgery or illness. 
What kind of patients benefit from Physical Rehabilitation?
Pets that may benefit from a formal physical rehabilitation program include those:
  • Recovering from surgery 
  • Recovering from an illness 
  • Suffering from arthritis or other chronic orthopedic diseases 
  • On a weight loss program 
  • Working dogs and athletes involved in strenuous physical activity 
  • Pets in need of an increased fitness level 
Home based exercise program: We will develop and demonstrate a personalized home-based rehabilitation program for your pet, which may be implemented immediately. Performed appropriately and consistently, this is perhaps the most important aspect of many rehabilitation programs.

Underwater Treadmill: The VMC offers canine (or very brave feline) patients use of an underwater treadmill as part of the rehabilitation program. An underwater treadmill offers all of the muscle strength and endurance increasing benefits of a standard treadmill, as well as the additional buoyancy and resistance of water. The water temperature is warmed and controlled to provide a soothing, healing environment for tissues. The water level is fully adjustable to accommodate patients of all sizes.

Supervised Physical Rehabilitation Exercises: Patients will perform exercises using tools made to address specific aspects of rehabilitation such as balance and muscle strengthening. Some of this equipment is based upon human physical therapy equipment, but has been customized to accommodate our canine and feline patients. 
Laser Therapy: The application of low level laser light to affected areas. This is sometimes known as “cold” laser therapy. Laser therapy improves wound healing, increases blood flow, and stimulates the body’s natural methods of pain control.