Bernadetta Bernatowicz, VMD

Dr. Savas and Hank

Dr. Bernatowicz's love and passion for veterinary medicine started when she was an undergraduate at the University of Scranton. While studying biology, she participated in research studies in animal behavior and neuroscience in different laboratories. She made the decision to pursue a career in veterinary medicine after working at a local veterinary clinic. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, she began her veterinary career in general practice providing preventative care for pets.

During her year in general practice she would often refer her sickest patients to a local emergency center. Dr. Bernatowicz realized during these occasions that she wanted to be the eyes and ears of the emergency doctor to be able to help her patients during those hardest moments. She acted on her desire to work in emergency medicine and joined the Veterinary Medical Center.

 Dr. Bernatowicz has developed and honed her passion for caring for pets and helping owners through their emergencies at the VMC with the experienced mentorship of her colleagues. Although emergencies are the most distressing for pets and their owners, Dr. Bernatowicz feels like it is these moments when she can make the greatest impact to help her patients.

In her free time Dr. Bernatowicz enjoys traveling, hiking, jogging, and diving. Her best friend is a pitbull named Panda.