Exciting things are on the horizon in 2019 at Veterinary Medical Center, and we're hiring for all positions!


The Veterinary Medical Center of CNY is highly committed to the personal and professional growth of each individual employee. While caring for pets and their people is the VMC’s primary function, we consider the development of our employees to be of equal importance.

By providing highly competitive wages, abundant opportunities for continuing education for all staff members, and formal Advancement Level ladders for all support staff positions, the VMC provides the opportunity for rewarding careers in veterinary medicine for each position in our facility – professional, licensed, non-licensed, and entry level.

The VMC is a progressive, professional organization seeking the same in potential employees. We offer generous compensation packages, including a yearly continuing education stipend for all staff members. We offer a fun, yet professional atmosphere with an emphasis on life-long learning. Come join our team!

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Veterinarians and Veterinary Specialists

The Veterinary Medical Center of CNY is always happy to interact with veterinarians and veterinary specialists interested in joining our team. Openings currently exist in both existing services and additional specialties.

Our clinical staff fosters a strong sense of camaraderie and cooperation, and our practice philosophy allows us to attract top level support staff for all of our services. Veterinarians also benefit from the support and resources provided by the VMC’s experienced, forward thinking management team. The region is home to a large number of referring veterinary facilities, and the VMC enjoys a comfortable, highly interactive relationship with this diverse veterinary community.  

Licensed Veterinary Technicians

The Veterinary Medical Center of CNY offers a challenging, rewarding atmosphere for Licensed Veterinary Technicians (LVTs). The VMC provides a supportive, respectful environment, abundant opportunities for in-house and offsite continuing education, and a formal Career Advancement ladder. Each LVT is actively encouraged to reach his or her full potential.

The VMC offers a competitive compensation & benefits package. Please submit resumes with cover letter when applying.

Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assistants (VAs) at the Veterinary Medical Center of CNY perform a wide variety of duties in our emergency and specialty services, and most VA duties involve active, hands-on patient care. While each individual in the VA position receives the same basic VMC training, we respect the fact that individuals come to the VMC with unique experiences, education levels, skills, and talents. Keeping this in mind, our VAs are placed in positions where individual strengths can be utilized to best enhance the VMC and to best ensure a rewarding and successful professional experience for each individual. The VMC considers both individuals with prior veterinary experience or training and entry level applicants for VA positions. 

The VMC offers a competitive compensation & benefits package. Please submit resumes with cover letter when applying.

Client Care Representatives

The Client Care Representatives (CCRs) at the Veterinary Medical Center of CNY are a highly professional, compassionate group who serve as the first point of contact for pet owners calling and entering our facility. Our CCRs are a well-respected, crucial part of the VMC team. They are consistently able to provide comfort and superb service to our anxious pet owners. Excellent communication skills are an essential for this position. A formal Career Advancement ladder is provided for this position, as well as a yearly continuing education stipend. CCRs are encouraged to find a career with the VMC. Our CCRs enjoy the challenges of the position as much as they enjoy the deeply rewarding opportunity to assist those in need.

Prior veterinary experience is not required for this position, but excellent communication skills are absolutely essential. Those individuals with a sincere desire to help pet owners during sometimes difficult circumstances will find a fulfilling career with the VMC.

The VMC offers a competitive compensation & benefits package. Please submit resumes with cover letter when applying.