Why Would My Pet Need a Veterinary Cardiologist?  

Pets can suffer from a wide variety of heart conditions. Some conditions can be caused by bacterial infection, viral infection, parasites, fungal infections, or toxins.

Many heart conditions are seen in aging pets, including congestive heart failure.  The cardiology service at VMC works with family veterinarians to help improve the quality of life for pets suffering from these degenerative conditions.

Some conditions or diseases are hereditary (have a genetic basis) and may affect specific breeds. Responsible breeders screen their prospective breeding stock for many of these known diseases. Our cardiology service is happy to participate in this screening process and with certifying bodies, such as the Orthopedic Foundation of America (OFA).

With so many different types and causes of cardiac problems in pets, it is essential that your pet’s cardiac illness is properly diagnosed. Our state of the art diagnostic tools, used with Dr. Kornreich’s expertise in interpreting the findings, provide the environment for a timely, accurate diagnosis.

VMC Cardiology Service

Meet Dr. Bruce Kornreich, our Veterinary Cardiologist

Dr. Kornreich offers color flow Doppler ultrasound evaluations of cardiac function as part his overall cardiac evaluations. Patients may also receive electrocardiogram (ECG) and blood pressure monitoring for Dr. Kornreich to interpret while they are here.

Dr. Kornreich communicates closely with your primary care veterinarian in providing an initial diagnosis and therapeutic recommendations. Dr. Kornreich is also available to assist in monitoring the status of cardiac conditions throughout your pet’s life. His goal is to provide therapeutic and medical options that may improve the quality of your pet’s life.