March 2018 Patient of the Month

In a delightful departure from our normal Patient of the Month format, this month's entry is brought to you by the patient himself!  Here, straight out of the horse''s mouth, is Beau's story! Enjoy!

Sir Beau's Story

Beau 1.jpg


My name is (Sir) Beau I’m a 17+ year old Treeing Walker Coonhound

Do you have any food?

I grew up hunting in North Carolina, then when I was unable to that anymore,  I went to a place where there were a LOT of other dogs, then finally to Animal Care Sanctuary when my friend found me!

Do you have any food?

I’m not much for playing but have always loved walks wherever there are good smells, lying down with my friend and FOOD!

Do you have any?

I’ve slowed down a lot in the past few years (my human friend can keep up with me now, but my other pack member Casey leaves us in the dust! He’s crazy!). Considering I’ve been shot (birdshot which may be why I was unable to hunt anymore and am so afraid of thunder and gunshots), had Lyme disease, almost died from Leptospirosis (Thank you VMC for saving me!), have arthritis and an enlarged spleen, I think I’m doing pretty well!

Beau 3.jpg
Beau 2.jpg

Do you have any food?

Now I come to the VMC to get treats and see Lis and Dr. Flaherty (I used to see Dr. Burnett before) and go sniff around the back.  That water tank is pretty sketchy, but I feel better and I get TREATS!!

Do you have any?

That’s my story, for now.  I think I’ll go sprawl out in my bed and dream about hunting but first, some food.

Do you have any?

Beau 4.jpg

With a grateful (and Hungry) Heart-